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The Mookini Library offers limited faxing services to registered students, staff, and faculty of the University of Hawai‘i and Hawai‘i Community College.

Faxes can only be sent, not received.  The fee is $0.25 per page for domestic faxes and $1 per page for international faxes.  (UH Hilo students may be able to send faxes at no charge through the student government office in the Campus Center.)

The Library's fax service is provided until 1 hour before the Library closes each day.  Faxes submitted during the hour before closing will be sent the morning of the next day that the Library is open.

The Library will attempt to send the fax no more than 2 times.  If the patron has a second fax number to try, the Library will try that number one time.  If none of these attempts are successful, the Library will refund the patron's fee.  If the patron does not have a second number to try, the Library will refund the fee after the second failed attempt.

The Library is not responsible if the fax does not go through to the right person because the patron has supplied the wrong number or if the addressee is not clearly identified on the document to be faxed or on the cover sheet.

The Library will shred any fax originals and transmission confirmation notices not picked up by the patron within 15 calendar days following the fax transmission.

Ask-a-Librarian if you have any questions or need assistance.